A visual tour of global CO2

This video shows the global carbondioxide output on earth. It’s made by NASA. They made it to show how CO2 spreads and where it comes from. Probably they also did it to show they have really cool sattelites and lots of people that know how to make these animations.

Two things are really interesting:

  • the way the cycle increases and decreases during the year
  • the incredible amount of CO2 being produced in the northern hemisphere

source: Nasa 2006

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Mars homestead project

MIT’s Mars Homestead Project plans on one-upping Archigram and Buckminster Fuller both with its plans for high-tech, locally-fabricated homes on Mars. Each home will be outfitted with a garden, library, greenhouse, and private parking space, exporting middle class comforts deep into space; and all of it will be made locally, farmed from elements occurring naturally in the atmosphere and soil. Or ‘the surface,’ I should say…

After “a seven-month journey inside a container the size of a minivan” hopeful colonists will decamp into “a comfy home – made with locally produced red brick, metal and fiberglass”. The homes may even be built directly into Martian hillsides, forming Tolkien-esque towns accessible through multiple airlocks. The airlocks, in tandem with reinforced building materials, will prevent explosive pressure leaks: “Materials such as brick and stone will have to be lined or sealed with plastic or fiberglass, and sufficiently reinforced with soil or other materials to prevent the buildings from exploding.”

Meanwhile, the Mars Society has already constructed a prototype Martian city on Devon Island, Canada, called the Flashline Arctic Research Station. Even more interestingly, due to the very real fear of “cabin fever” and extreme claustrophobia – or other, as yet undiscovered, architectural pathologies – in Martian settlers, “‘we have added a psychiatrist to the project team, to evaluate those issues’,” claims Mark Homnick, co-founder of the Mars Homestead Project. (All quotations from Geoff Manaugh on BLDGBLOG.com and Mark Baard, “Builders in a Strange Land,” 18 June 2004, Wired online; see alsoExploreMarsNow.org).

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